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[- OOC Information -]

Name: Mai
Do you play any other characters in Outer Divide? No

[- Character Information -]

Character Name: Morgiana
Fandom: Magi - Labyrinth of Magic
OU, AU, or CR AU: OU
Canon Point: Beginning of the Sindria Arc, after getting her Household Vessel
Journal: [personal profile] unshackledferocity

World History: *Omitted*

Character History:
Much of Morgiana's past is still shrouded in mystery - however what is known is that she was captured by slavers when she was a child, no more than eight or nine. She had been afraid and calling for her parents - but of course. no one came to save her. It's possible her parents are dead, or simply weren't able to get to her. The slavers had her strip down before a crowd of buyers, before she was sold to a sadistic boy named Jamil. A cruel and arrogant boy, Jamil treated Morgiana horribly, driving the fear into her with words and violence. Whenever she tried to run away, he chased her down and beat her, most usually with a whip, taking a sick sense of enjoyment out of her tears and her terror.

She remained with Jamil for years, too afraid to try to run away again, even when she had the opportunity. But even her obedience wasn't enough to keep him from beating her - he mistreated all of his slaves in this way, both because he could, and when he was angry. To Jamil, slaves weren't people - they were just things to be used and discarded when they were no longer useful.

She encounters Aladdin and Ali Baba some time later, while Working for Jamil in Qishan, but the encounters are brief. The first time she meets them, Aladdin sees her chains and decides to break them, even though it's a crime. Aladdin thinks it will free her, but for Morgiana, who is too afraid of Jamil to run, she makes no such attempt. Later, she attempts to rescue a girl from a monster, only for both of them to get caught. If not for Ali Baba and Aladdin's help, they would have surely died.

Later, when Aladdin and Ali Baba enter the dungeon that appears, Jamil takes Morgiana and Goltus, his other slave, into the dungeon to follow them, intent on taking Aladdin, who is a Magi, and having him make Jamil a King. Obviously, his plans don't go as ... planned. Aladdin and Ali Baba escape from Jamil, who immediately orders Morgiana and Goltas to pursue. The trio find the two boys at the end of the dungeon, where Morgiana is again given the chance to join Ali Baba and be free. However, her fear of Jamil is still too great, and instead she throws him into the wall, where Jamil proceeds to taunt him and beat him. He even tries to get Morgiana to kill Ali Baba, though she is reluctant to do so. Aladdin intervenes before she makes any decision, defeating her. When the dungeon begins to collapse, she initially was going to rescue Jamil - however her fellow slave, who was already dying from wounds previously acquired by Jamil and from his fight with Ali Baba, told her to flee and return to her homeland.

After a moment's indecision, she too, fled the dungeon. When they all emerged as the dungeon collapsed (with Jamil and Goltas inside, both dying), Ali Baba used the riches from the dungeon to buy the freedom of the slaves there - including Morgiana.

Wanting to return to her homeland, Morgiana heads out on her own way, joining a caravan and making friends with two young women, Leila and Sahsa. However, the caravan driver informs them that they can't go to Balbadd due to a group of thieves that are set up along the route there. Morgiana decides to 'evacuate' the thieves herself, and heads out under the cover of darkness. While she easily defeats the thieves there, she ends up getting captured by a slave trader who had also been there, when she gets scratched by his a crow's poisoned talons.

Befriending a young girl named Nadja who was afraid and alone (and doing poorly at breaking the situation to her gently at first) Morgiana promises to find a way to rescue everyone and be free. She had no interest in becoming a slave again anyway. There for five days, Nadja takes ill, and when Morgiana tries to get help for her, the slave trader Fatima decides instead to have her fed to his desert jackals. Because a slave that can't work is useless and no better than food. Initially mocking Morgiana's attempts to get free, he underestimates her strength and rage when Nadja is dropped into the pit for the jackals. Not only does Morgiana successfully free herself, but she scares off the jackals with a battle cry. When Fatima tries to have her killed by saber tooth tigers, Morgiana defeats them as well, before confronting Fatima and taking the keys to the slaves cuffs, to set everyone free as she had promised to Nadja.

Surprisingly, this is where she encountered Aladdin again, as his caravan had also been captured. With Nadja reunited with her parents, Morgiana and Aladdin meet up with their caravans (both of whom had joined up to try and rescue their friends), but rather than travel with the caravan again, Aladdin and Morgiana decide to travel together to Balbadd, both so Morgiana can get a boat to her homeland, and because Aladdin was trying to meet with Ali Baba, who he suspected might be there.

On the way to Balbadd, the two meet up with Sinbad who ...was stark ass naked (save for a leaf to cover his gentlemanly bits). At first they get the wrong impression of the poor guy, but he explains that he had been robbed of everything, including his clothes, and invites them to the hotel for dinner in Balbadd. To Morgiana's surprise, there was another Falinas by the name of Masrur there. Even more surprising was when they heard about the Fog Trouep, a band of thieves that were harassing Balbadd - and Ali Baba was their leader. Ali Baba gave both of them the cold shoulder, however, and when she saw how upset Aladdin was by Ali Baba's behavior, she took it upon herself to retrieve the boy's friend - whether or not he wanted to go with her. Ali Baba told the two of them about the reason he behaved so coldly to Aladdin but before long, his friend Kassim and the rest of the Fog Troupe attacked to get Ali Baba back.

From there, Morgiana and her friends soon ended up wrapped up in a power struggle between the current corrupt King, who was Ali Baba's brother and who intended to sell his people into slavery (something Morgiana was obviously VERY against- even more than Ali Baba, Aladdin and their allies) and the Fog Troupe. More than that, but events grew more chaotic when the Magi Judal showed up and began attacking Aladdin and his Djinn, Ugo, who was badly injured by the other Magi and his own ally. Aladdin gave his Djinn as much magic as he could, going past that point and falling into a coma.

Ali Baba went on to confront his brother the King, while the Princess who was to marry him was heading to the castle to meet with him as well. On a still other angle, Sinbad had gone to get his own allies to form an alliance with Ali Baba- by the time everyone met up at the castle, Ali Baba had decided to abolish the monarchy. Although this was almost enough to settle the chaos and strife in Balbadd, it wasn't even close. If anything, things got even more dangerous. Alibaba's friend Kassim who actually wanted to become King - when he was defeated by Alibaba, he sacrificed his life to become a Djinn. Judal recovered from his own injuries, joining the battle and tipping the scales against Alibaba's allies.

It looked bleak - Alibaba's power wasn't enough to defeat the combined power of the Djinn and Judal. But before they lost, Aladdin regained consciousness and joined the battle. With Aladdin's power added to their forces, they were able to defeat Judal and the Djinn, bringing a calm to the battlefield again, and Alibaba was able to reconcile with his friend, though Kassim- the Djinn - passed away. With the small scale internal war settled, the trio to Sindria as Sinbad's guests. As for Morgiana, wanting to train to get stronger and better, she trains with Masrur and the others, training with him for six months, waiting for Sinbad to return from political negotiations regarding Balbadd with the neighboring kingdom of Kou. (This is the canon point I'm taking her from)

AU History: *Omitted*

Previous Game History: *Omitted*

For a girl who was forced into slavery at a young age, she hasn't forgotten how to be kind. But at first glance, people probably don't get that impression from her. She is quiet - very quiet, both in voice and in manner, rarely speaking except when necessary, and when it is necessary, she isn't very wordy. Except with close friends - she isn't particularly one for small talk all the same, preferring to get straight to the point. Beating around the bush annoys her, but she isn't rude about her requests for someone to get to the point. She's as formal and polite as she is quiet, in fact - when she stands anywhere, she stands with an aloof posture, her hands clasped behind her back, eyes always scanning her surroundings as if wary. Her expression isn't quite stern, but it is serious - some might say too serious for a young girl her age, but that unsmiling behavior was tempered through years of abuse, torture and violence. Smiles are a rare treasure for her, reserved often for those she is fond of.

For those she calls friend, she is fiercely loyal, as she had few to no friends during her childhood, save for her fellow slaves and they - may not quite be considered as 'friends' so much as comrades who suffer the same fate as she did. Because of this, she swears herself to protect those who have shown her kindness - in particular others who have been enslaved. Because of her similar background, she hates slavers the most, and values freedom and friendship above all else. She would want to do her part to rescue anyone enslaved, in fact, and if anyone managed to capture -her- and enslave her? She would fight to her last breath to break free, to grasp at that precious second chance she'd been given.

Kindness towards her is often met with surprise, albeit appreciative, and when she expresses her gratitude, it is with the utmost formality, often prostrating herself on the ground in a deep bow that tends to make others awkward. As mentioned, ones first impression of this girl is probably that she is an aloof, standoffish child. However, she has her softer side, though few people get to see that part of her - save for her friends, or children younger than herself - in particular if they are sad or crying. Her attempt to reassure them or soothe them is probably lacking, since she has little experience in comforting people, but the effort would be there. She'll stand up for her friends if someone badmouths them, as it would spark a quiet anger in her, but no matter how angry she gets outside of battle, her voice rarely raises. What is telling of how angry she might be, are her eyes. That and the fact that she tends to stomp her foot hard enough to break the floor when she's angry. But that's because she's a Fanalis.

Born to the Warrior Tribe in the south, her pride is in the strength and speed of her body - her goal and dream is to be strong enough to continue to be use to her friends, Aladdin and Ali Baba. If she found herself too weak, it merely meant she had to train to get stronger - and thus far there is no upper limit for how strong a Fanalis can be. Some might say she even smiles most in the middle of battle - and maybe she does enjoy it a little. When you're stronger than most of your enemies, wouldn't you smile about being able to defeat them? A little?
Well, in spite of all of this, she is far from perfect - she does tend to be severely insecure in regards to her past. She was a slave once, and there remains the crux of her fears - that she will forever be unworthy for another because of her background.

She still has nightmares, albeit rare ones that would have to be triggered by something similar, about her time as a slave. Obviously it isn't something she would want to discuss with strangers - in fact, there was a good deal she won't speak about with strangers, or even with her friends, tending to go very quiet when she didn't want to talk about a topic. But no matter what, fear, anger - she was a girl that swore by her oath and promises to protect the people she cared about.

Powers/Abilities: Being one of the Fanalis, a warrior race, Morgiana is fairly powerful, physically, and has been known to defeat creatures and humans two to three times her size, primarily due to her enhanced physical strength and speed. Her strength allows her to take down larger enemies effortlessly, and her anger only makes her seem to get even stronger, as she's been known to break her shackles even when they were too strong for a regular adult to do so. Since arriving in Sindria (at her current canon point) she's been training with a fellow Fanalis, Masrur, to improve her style of martial arts fighting.

She is also strong enough to carry up to 7 people at a time - with further training, her strength will only continue to increase. Similarly, those of the Fanalis race are extremely fast, and she's been known to close large gaps in chambers in the blink of an eye, also capable of intercepting even quick attacks from others. Like with her strength, her speed will increase the more she trains.

Morgiana can also release a battle cry, which is a piercing, loud sound that has and can be used to frighten monsters - the first time she used it was when she was rescuing a little girl from a pack of beasts. She can also use her battle cry as a form of echolocation, if she finds herself in surroundings where there is no light, to better find her way around. In addition, it seems almost all of her senses are enhanced, as such as her sense of smell and hearing. She has been known to track people by scent and sound alone.

Lastly she has a Household Vessel, Amol Selseira, which is on her person in the form of a pair of shackles - which formerly were here leg chains. However, they kept tangling up her friends when she tried kicking with them on, so she wears them on her arms. With this vessel she is able to manipulate the chains to climb, swing and attack by wrapping her enemy with them.

Possessions: Her shackles/household vessel and the clothes she wears

Arrival: On the Ship

[- Writing Samples -]

Network Sample:
[ A young girl stares silently at the network communicator she'd been given; red hair, red eyes, and a face that seems to never smile. She wasn't familiar with equipment like this, which is probably why the following is ... more than a little incoherent. Because she's just poking at the device. Sure she has an idea of how to use it, but - BUTTONS. ]

FKlj ieh klljhklj jkjh kjhkjhhjkjhkhkjajl

[ That's annoying, isn't it? Terribly sorry, but after a moment of this, she finally speaks into, properly. ]

Aladdin. Ali Baba.

[ This is her way of asking if her friends are here, you see. She doesn't talk much. ]

If you're here, speak. Anyone from Sindria, as well... [ A slight frown follows as she looks around. ] Sinbad. Masrur.

[ No? Damn. ]

... I don't like this place.

[ Also she doesn't like talking, since she stares pointedly at the device for a few minutes, and then lowers it again with a soft, audible murmur. ]

...I'll look for them. [ In the wilderness? Sure, why not! But she tucks the communicator into...er, somewhere in the meanwhile. ]

Log Sample:
It hadn't been long since she woke up on that ship, and found her way outside. Just as well - she didn't like the ship. It felt too..well...alien. Which was presumably the point. Once she had the comforting - if /cold/ feel of the ground beneath her bare feet, she was a little more relieved. This was normal. This made sense, even if the rest of the world didn't.

Red eyes scanned the landscape with a lazy appearance, taking in her surroundings. It was cold, and she was hardly dressed for the weather. This too, she was used to. There were many times that her former master, Jalen, would force her to walk through burning hot sands or colder tundra. Shoes were a luxury that slaves didn't deserve. She had had blisters and callouses on her dirty feet from walking miles without complaint (slaves didn't complain - slaves didn't speak unless they were spoken to - slaves should be neither seen nor heard, just do their work).

She'd gotten so used to walking without shoes, that wearing them now felt foreign to her, though she would if the need came up. If she dressed up for any reason. But why would she need to do such a thing? She stopped that line of thought when she picked up a scent on the breeze, furrowing her brow to identify it. Familiar, and yet... not. When she saw the ones who possessed that scent, she smirked slightly. Saber Tooth tigers.

She remembered fighting their kind - although the ones back home were significantly more dangerous. These ones thought of her as an easy mark. SHe was just one girl. She would teach them different. There were only four of them. Easy enough for her to deal with - her weight shifted, and the ground cracked beneath her feet. She wouldn't give the big cats the benefit of an opening attack, speeding forth and kicking the first one in the jaw, sending it flying backwards with a roar of surprise.

This was familiar too, as she twisted her body in the air, dancing from target to target. She landed on the back of the second beast, slamming it into the ground with her feet while driving her fist into the side of the third, sending it flying like the first. The four tiger was more wary, edging back a step as if unsure taking on this tiny girl was worth the trouble. She hopped off of the third tiger, landing on the balls of her feet and bouncing slightly, nimble and light. "... come." She extended one arm in invitation to the animal - but it thought better of the offer. The creature turned tail and fled back into the woods.

Satisfied, if not a little disappointed, Morgiana relaxed her posture, surveying the fallen tigers around her. They would have been fine if they hadn't harassed her - she hadn't been looking for a fight. In any case, now that the creatures were dealth with she could get back to her search. Without missing a beat, she started down the path again, though if she traveled far enough into the forest she would have to just decide to turn around and head back towards civilization. Whichever way that was.
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